The objective was to audit that equipment packages and individual areas have been designed so as to safeguard sound future OHAS and logistics conditions on the facility, including ensuring that the project has established appropriate management systems and tools for following up OHAS and logistics conditions during manufacture and mechanical completion of the facility.

Furthermore, the objective was to verify that suitable measures have been implemented by the project subsequent to the PSA's previous audit of follow-up of OHAS and logistics conditions.


Non-conformities were identified in connection with:

  • High thresholds
  • Design of the paint shop
  • Localised exhaust ventilation relating to tube cutting machine
  • Cleaning, cleansing and degreasing of plant parts
  • Materials handling
  • Offshore cranes
  • Design of the cargo deck  

In addition, improvement points were identified in connection with:

  • Chemicals
  • Number of air changes/hour
  • Emergency lighting
  • CRIOP verifications
  • Warning lights
  • Design of the scullery
  • Cleanliness
  • Offshore crane studies