COSLPioneer is a type GM 4000D semi-submersible drilling facility. It can operate in water depths from 70-750 metres and can either be anchored or operate as a dynamically positioned DP-3 facility.

The living quarters on the facility can accommodate 120 people in single cabins.

The facility is a new construction which was delivered in December 2010 by Yantai Raffles in China. Statoil plans to use the facility for exploration drilling on the Norwegian shelf.


COSLPioneer and relevant aspects of COSL Drilling’s organisation and management system are considered to be in compliance with relevant regulatory requirements for the petroleum activities.

The decision is based on the information provided in the AoC application relating to the facility’s technical condition and the applicant’s organisation and management system, as well as verifications carried out by the authorities and other case processing.

The validity of this Acknowledgement of Compliance is contingent upon COSL Drilling ensuring the facility and relevant aspects of the company’s organisation and management system are maintained, so conditions and assumptions in the PSA’s decision are observed.