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§ 34 Joint working environment committees

Where work conditions so warrant, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway can decide that joint working environment committees shall be established. Such joint working environment committees will have the same duties and rights as other working environment committees according to the Working Environment Act and regulations issued pursuant to the Act.
The annual reports from the individual employer's working environment committees and from joint working environment committees shall be submitted to the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway upon request.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

The Regulations of 6 December 2011 relating to organisation, management and participation (in Norwegian only) do not preclude agreements for establishing joint working environment committees.
The purpose of joint working environment committees is to ensure coordination of the individual enterprises’ safety and environment work and to give all employees a genuine opportunity to take part in and influence the safety and environment work at their own workplace, regardless of their employment relationship.
The duty to create joint working environment committees does not reduce the individual enterprise's duty to create a separate working environment committee, cf. Section 7-1 of the Working Environment Act. Reference is made to Section 4 of the supplementary Activities Regulations.