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§ 71 Marking of facilities

Facilities shall be marked such that they can quickly be identified and such that other traffic in the area is notified. Marking of facilities shall be in accordance with the Norwegian Coastal Administration's provisions.
Anchor and marking buoys shall be marked in a corresponding manner.
All navigation marks placed in connection with the petroleum activities shall be in accordance with IALA rules and of a type that is accepted by the Norwegian Coastal Administration for such marking. When anchor points are placed outside the safety zone, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway can require them to be marked with yellow anchor buoys with yellow reflectors, and if applicable, with yellow flashing lights.
Section last changed: 01 January 2018

In agreement with the Norwegian Coastal Administration, the following provisions shall be used for marking of facilities as mentioned in the first subsection: Provisions on the marking of permanently located offshore units in the petroleum industry.
For requirements relating to marking of mobile facilities that are registered in a national ship register, reference is made to Section 1 of the Framework Regulations relating to application of maritime legislation in the offshore petroleum activities.