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§ 59 Health department

Permanently manned facilities shall have a health department. The health department shall be such that the health personnel can carry out their tasks in a prudent manner.
There shall be equipment on the facility such that prudent first aid and medical treatment can be provided on the facility and during transport.
It shall be possible to establish telephonic contact between the health department and an onshore physician. Internal communication between the health department and the manned control room shall be facilitated. Communications equipment shall be secured against power outages.
The health department shall have satisfactory work lighting and at least two electrical outlets for emergency power to maintain life support functions, cf. Section 38.
For simpler facilities, there shall be space and equipment available to cover the need for first aid.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

If facilities are connected by gangways to other facilities or vessels, the requirements as mentioned in the first and last subsection, entail that at least one of the units shall have a health department.
In order to fulfil the health department requirements as mentioned in the first subsection, the NORSOK standard C-001 Chapter 7.21 should be used, with the following addition: the health department should be located with the least possible exposure to noise and vibrations, and such that stretcher transport to the health department of sick or injured personnel can be accomplished in a prudent manner. For mobile facilities that are registered in a national ship register, Section 16 of the Norwegian Maritime Authority’s regulations relating to construction and outfitting of the living quarters on mobile facilities may be used as an alternative to the NORSOK standard C-001, with the same additions as mentioned in the second subsection.
The health department's equipment should be assessed on the basis of the defined accident and hazard situations as mentioned in Section 17 of the Management Regulations.
Equipment as mentioned in the second subsection, includes medication and first aid equipment, stretchers and medical rescue equipment.