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§ 13 Food and drinking water

The food on the facility shall at all times be of such quantity and quality to ensure that the hygienic and nutritional needs of the personnel are satisfied.
The provisions in the Drinking Water Regulations (in Norwegian only) apply to the water supply and drinking water in the petroleum activities.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

Production, packing, storage, transport and presentation of food products shall be in accordance with the Food Act and appurtenant regulations, cf. Section 1-5 of the Petroleum Act.
The Ministry of Health and Care Services laid down Regulations relating to water supply and drinking water (in Norwegian only) for implementation of the Drinking Water Directive 98/83/EC, incorporated into the EEA Agreement on 25 January 2001.
In accordance with the Framework Regulations and pursuant to delegation from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, the County Governor of Rogaland supervises that the provisions regarding food, water supply and drinking water are complied with in the petroleum activities.
According to the Drinking Water Regulations (in Norwegian only), the duty of the water supply system's owner in the petroleum activities rests with the operator and other participants in the petroleum activities, cf. Section 7 of the Framework Regulations.
When a water supply system delivers water to another water supply system, it is important to identify what is included in the individual water supply system owner's responsibility.