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§ 58 Maintenance

The responsible party shall ensure that land facilities and parts thereof are maintained, so that the required functions are safeguarded in all phases of the lifetime.
Section last changed: 01 January 2017

Maintenance means the combination of all technical, administrative and managerial actions during the life cycle of an item intended to retain it in, or restore it to, a state in which it can perform the required function, cf. definition 2.1 (with associated terminology) in the NS-EN 13306 standard.
Maintenance includes activities such as monitoring, inspection, testing and repair, and keeping things tidy.
Functions also mean safety functions, cf. Section 3. For these functions, the requirement relating to maintenance entails that performance shall be ensured at all times, cf. Section 10.
Onshore facilities or parts thereof also mean temporary equipment.
All phases also mean periods in which the facility or parts of the facility are temporarily or permanently shut down.