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§ 57 Monitoring and control

The responsible party shall ensure that matters of significance for prudent work activities as regards health and safety, are monitored and kept under control at all times, cf. Section 19 of the Management Regulations.
Personnel with control and monitoring functions shall at all times be able to gather and process information on such conditions in an effective manner, cf. also Section 14 of the Management Regulations.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

Conditions as mentioned in the first subsection, can be conditions and parameters as mentioned in Section 33, final subsection, of the Facilities Regulations, the status of other safety systems, ongoing activities and implemented compensatory measures.
The requirement relating to continuous monitoring as mentioned in the first subsection, entails that the personnel shall not be assigned tasks that can impair their handling of the control and monitoring functions, cf. also Section 21 of the Facilities Regulations and Section 18 of the Management Regulations. The requirement also entails that there should be at least two people to safeguard the monitoring and control functions in the central control room.