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§ 43 Critical activities

It shall be ensured that critical activities are carried out within the operational restrictions set during engineering and in the risk analyses as mentioned in Section 16 of the Management Regulations, cf. also Section 56 of these regulations.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

Critical activities can be
  1. work on pressurised, electrified or hydrocarbon service systems,
  2. hot work,
  3. work with explosives or substances that can self-ignite,
  4. work on radioactive sources,
  5. work that entails risk of acute pollution,
  6. work that entails disconnection of safety systems,
  7. lifting operations, cf. Section 62.
When identifying important contributors to risk, one should, inter alia, use the results from the risk analyses performed and experience from hazard and accident situations.
The limitations can be requirements for implementing compensatory measures in connection with executing an activity, or duration or frequency limitations for executing a special type of activity.