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§ 42 Safety systems

Which measures and restrictions are necessary in order to maintain safety systems’ barrier functions in the event of overbridging, disconnection of safety systems or other impairments, shall be stipulated in advance. The compensatory measures shall be implemented as rapidly as possible once such an impairment arises.
Statuses of safety systems shall be known and available to all relevant personnel at all times.
Section last changed: 01 January 2014

The requirement in the first subsection entails that the measures and restrictions shall result in a risk reduction that is relevant and relates to barrier functions concerned. This may be a question of restrictions on activities, full shutdown or other risk-reducing measures.
In order to fulfil the requirements for measures and restrictions as mentioned in the first subsection, the standards IEC 61508-1 Chapter 7.7 and IEC 61508-2 Chapter 7.6 should be used for electrical, electronic and programmable electronic safety systems.
Statuses of active safety system functions, cf. the second subsection, shall be available in the central control room, cf. Section 10.