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§ 40 Start-up and operation of onshore facilities

Before onshore facilities and parts thereof are started up for the first time, or after technical modifications, commissioning shall be carried out.
During start-up as mentioned in the first subsection, and during operation,
  1. the management system with associated processes, resources and operations organisation shall be established,
  2. governing documents, including technical operations documents, shall be available in updated versions and the operations personnel shall be familiar with them,
  3. systems for employee participation shall be established, cf. Section 13 of the Framework Regulations and
  4. the occupational health service shall be operative.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

The operational organisation as mentioned in the second subsection, litera a, also means the emergency preparedness organisation.
Governing documents as mentioned in the second subsection, litera b, also mean the guidelines, procedures, plans and programmes that are prepared according to these regulations and the Management Regulations.