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§ 36 Firewater supply

Onshore facilities shall have a sufficient supply of firewater to combat fires and prevent spreading.
The firewater system shall be designed such that a pressure stroke does not make all or part of the system inoperative.
It shall be possible to activate fire pumps manually from the central control room and at the drive assembly. Drive assemblies for fire pumps shall be equipped with two independent starting arrangements. Automatic disconnection functions shall be as few as possible.
Fire mains shall be designed and placed so that a sufficient supply of firewater is ensured.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

Sufficient firewater supply as mentioned in the first subsection, means the quantity necessary to supply all fire-fighting equipment in the onshore facility's largest fire area with one fire pump out of operation and necessary additional capacity to ensure that the fire does not spread to other adjacent areas in accordance with the chosen strategy.
To fulfil the requirements in the second, third and fourth subsections, Chapter 12 of the NS-EN ISO 13702 standard, as well as Attachment B.8, should be used.
In cases where firewater is supplied from fire pumps, the pumps should start automatically in the event of a pressure drop in the fire main and upon confirmed fire detection.