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§ 32 Fire and gas detection system

Onshore facilities shall have a fire and gas detection system that ensures quick and reliable detection of incipient fires, fires and gas leaks. The system shall be able to perform the intended functions independently of other systems.
The positioning of fire and gas detectors shall be based on relevant scenarios and simulations or tests so that the consequences of the fire or gas leak can be limited.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

As regards the design of the system as mentioned in the first subsection, Chapter 11 of the NS-EN ISO 13702 standard as well as Attachment B.6 should be used.
The requirement for independence as mentioned in the first subsection, implies that the fire and gas detection system comes in addition to systems for management and control and other safety systems. The fire and gas detection system can have an interface with other systems as long as it cannot be adversely affected as a consequence of system failures, failures or individual incidents in these systems.
The requirement regarding limiting the consequences as mentioned in the second subsection, entails that relevant safety functions shall be activated.