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§ 31 Fire divisions

The main areas of onshore facilities shall be separated so that they can withstand the design fire and explosion loads.
Rooms and other defined areas with important functions and important equipment or a high risk of fire shall be separated from their surroundings with fire divisions.
Penetrations shall not weaken the fire divisions. Doors in physical fire divisions shall be self-closing.
The operator shall ensure that measures are implemented to prevent that activities on the onshore facility can cause fire in the surrounding vegetation.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

Fire divisions with coated or sprayed-on fire protection material that does not fulfil the requirements for incombustibility, can be used if an overall assessment indicates that this is prudent from a safety point of view, cf. Section 8.
Examples of penetrations in fire divisions as mentioned in the third subsection, can include ventilation ducts, pipes, cables and beams, as well as windows and doors.