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§ 66 Emergency preparedness plans

The responsible party shall prepare plans for emergency preparedness and response to undesirable incidents that can occur at onshore facilities. Such plans shall at all times describe the emergency preparedness and contain action plans for the defined hazard and accident situations. The plans shall describe who will manage and coordinate deployment of emergency preparedness resources in the event of hazard and accident situations.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

The emergency preparedness plans should include
  1. a description of purpose, scope and responsibility,
  2. a description of organisation, notification, mobilisation and communication,
  3. action plans, including preparedness strategies, emergency preparedness measures and decision criteria for emergency preparedness phases,
  4. a description of onshore facilities and prioritised vulnerable environmental resources in the impact area for acute pollution,
  5. a description of unit resources, area resources, regional resources and external resources and equipment,
  6. instructions for emergency preparedness personnel,
  7. any coordination procedures for coordination with other players and
  8. any cooperation procedures and agreements.
For those emergency preparedness areas covered by Regulations relating to industrial safety (in Norwegian only) also, the requirements in this provision will be fulfilled by use of the provisions in the regulations mentioned above.