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§ 64 Establishment of emergency preparedness

The operator or the party responsible for operating an onshore facility shall prepare a strategy for emergency preparedness against hazard and accident situations. The emergency preparedness shall be established based on results from risk and emergency preparedness analyses as mentioned in Section 17 of the Management Regulations and the defined hazard and accident situations and barrier performance requirements, cf. Section 5 of the Management Regulations.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

In order to fulfil the strategy requirement as mentioned in the first subsection, Chapter 5 of the NS-EN ISO 13702 standard should be used for health and safety-related emergency preparedness.
The defined hazard and accident situations as mentioned in the first subsection, mean a representative selection of hazard and accident situations used in the dimensioning of the emergency preparedness.
For those emergency preparedness areas covered by Regulations relating to industrial safety (in Norwegian only) also, the requirements in this provision will be fulfilled by use of provisions in the regulations mentioned above.