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§ 25 Noise and acoustics

Onshore facilities shall be designed so that no employees are exposed to noise that is harmful to hearing.
Limit values for hazardous noise are for daily noise exposure, LEX8h = 85 dB and the peak sound pressure level, LpC, peak = 130 dB.
Requirements shall be set for noise and acoustics in the individual areas based on planned manning and the functions that shall be safeguarded in the areas. The noise level and acoustics shall not preclude communication of significance to safety. The noise level in sleeping quarters, break rooms and recreation rooms shall be reduced as much as possible to contribute to necessary rest and restitution.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

When planning the design of onshore facilities, it should be taken into account that the use of hearing protection is not an adequate measure to fulfil the noise requirement, cf. Section 48 of these regulations.
The highest permissible noise limit (95 dB(A)) should only be allowed in connection with brief inspections or work tasks that are to be carried out in an area where there is no passage through to other areas. Provisions should be made for noise-deflection of noisy equipment when maintenance or other work is carried out in the area, cf. Section 46 of these regulations.