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§ 20 Chemicals and chemical exposure

Chemicals and technical solutions shall be chosen that prevent harmful chemical influences on people and the environment, and which reduce the need for use of chemicals.
When choosing, designing and placing equipment and systems for storage, use, recovery and destruction of chemicals, the following shall be considered:
  1. health and safety of personnel,
  2. corrosion and other forms of material decomposition,
  3. fire and explosion hazard, and
  4. risk for pollution.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

Under normal operations, the concentration of hazardous materials in the work atmosphere, as well as skin contact with such chemicals, shall be as low as is reasonably possible. This means that onshore facilities should be designed with a safety factor in accordance with Regulations concerning Action and Limit values.
This section covers technical provisions to reduce acute and prolonged chemical influences related to transport, transfer, use and disposal of chemicals. The section also includes processes that produce chemical components.
For use of chemicals, see Section 48 of these regulations.
For design and placement as regards fire and explosion hazard as mentioned in the second subsection, litera c, reference is made to Section 29 of these regulations.