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§ 18 Accommodation

The living quarters shall be designed and located so that it can withstand the design loads.
The living quarters' furnishings and capacity shall ensure a prudent residential environment and be adapted to the various necessary functions that shall be safeguarded, and the anticipated personnel need in the various phases of the activity.
The living quarters shall be equipped and furnished so as to maintain an adequate standard of hygiene.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

The capacity requirement as mentioned in the second subsection, means that the living quarters are dimensioned with sufficient margins to avoid bed scarcity during peak manning. The accommodation should be designed such that personnel can sleep undisturbed and be assured of satisfactory restitution.
Particular attention should be given to prudent hygienic standards in bedrooms, dayrooms and areas where food is stored, prepared and served, cf. also the Guidelines regarding Section 68.