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§ 16 Drainage system

Onshore facilities shall be equipped with drainage systems that can collect and divert liquids to reduce the risk of fire, harm to personnel and pollution.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

The requirement for drainage systems entails e.g.
  1. that, in addition to handling of the actual fuel leak, there is sufficient capacity to drain water that gathers in the installation during precipitation and during fire-fighting,
  2. that any oily surface water is cleaned out before discharge,
  3. that the collection system has a shutdown device,
  4. that tank drain valves are located and sheltered such that they can be operated in the event of fire,
  5. that drainage, including the drainage system, is carried out such that it is not obstructed by the formation of ice, foreign bodies, etc., and
  6. that the bottom of the collection system slopes towards the drainage opening.