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§ 15 Electrical installations

Electrical systems shall be dimensioned and configured so that the required power requirements can be met in all operating modes.
Electrical installations shall be designed with safeguards and other protection so that abnormal conditions and faults that can result in danger for the personnel and the onshore facility, are avoided. The electrical installations shall be designed with adequate protection against e.g.
  1. electrical shock during normal use and in the event of faults,
  2. thermal effects,
  3. overcurrent,
  4. fault currents,
  5. overvoltage,
  6. undervoltage,
  7. variations in voltage and frequency,
  8. power supply failure,
  9. ignition of explosive gas atmosphere,
  10. electromagnetic disturbances, and
  11. health hazard as a result of electromagnetic fields.
An earthing system shall be installed to prevent static electricity in connection with explosive atmospheres.
A lightning protection system shall be considered.
Section last changed: 01 January 2020

Operating modes as mentioned in the first subsection, should be stated in the facility-specific operation and maintenance strategy.
Protection against health hazard as a result of electromagnetic fields as mentioned in litera k, is regulated separately in Section 52 of the Radiation Protection Regulations (in Norwegian only).
In addition, the Regulations relating to electrical supply installations (in Norwegian only) and standards designated in NEK 400 Electrical low voltage installations, NEK 420 Electrical installations in explosive areas with gas and dust and NEK 440 Station facilities exceeding 1 kV should be used.