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§ 9 Qualification and use of new technology and new methods

Where the activities entail use of new technology or new methods, criteria shall be drawn up for development, testing and use such that the requirements for health, safety and working environment are satisfied. The criteria shall be representative for the relevant conditions of use, and the technology or methods shall be adapted to already accepted solutions.
The qualification or testing shall demonstrate that applicable requirements can be satisfied using the relevant new technology or methods.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

New technology as mentioned in the first subsection, can be new products, analyses tools or known products used in a new way.
Qualification as mentioned in the second subsection, includes investigation and provision of objective evidence that the needs are satisfied with respect to a specific, intended use, cf. Section 21 of the Management Regulations.
The methodology, the procedures and the equipment that will be used in the qualification, should also be used in the further work.