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§ 8 Materials

Materials to be used in or on onshore facilities shall be selected considering
  1. the load requirements mentioned in Section 6,
  2. manufacturing, joining and construction processes,
  3. possible use of materials protection,
  4. fire resistance attributes,
  5. probable changes in operating conditions,
  6. the opportunity to reduce future use of chemicals and pollution,
  7. the employees' health and working environment, and
  8. possible future removal.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

To fulfil the requirement in litera c the NORSOK M-004 standard can be used as a basis.
When selecting materials with regard to technical fire qualities as mentioned in litera d, non-flammable materials should be chosen. In those cases where flammable materials are nevertheless used, such materials should have limited ability to spread flames, develop little smoke and heat and have a low level of toxicity. In areas for accommodation, electrical installations should be made from halogen-free materials. The flame spread and smoke development qualities of the materials should be considered when textiles or surface treatment with paint or other coating is used.
When choosing materials with regard to the employees' health and working environment as mentioned in litera g, materials should be used that neither alone nor in combination with other materials or gases are harmful to the employees. When choosing materials and surfaces, emphasis should be placed on comprehensive solutions adapted to the intended use and cleaning and maintenance requirements.