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§ 7 Installations, systems and equipment

Installations, systems and equipment shall be designed in the most robust and simple manner possible and such that
  1. the possibility for human errors is limited,
  2. they can be operated, tested and maintained without endangering life, health and material assets, and
  3. they are suitable for use and able to withstand the loads they can be exposed to during operation.
Installations, systems and equipment shall be marked so as to facilitate safe operation and prudent maintenance.
Installations in caverns shall be secured to prevent leaks from the installation.
Equipment and installations that are constructed and controlled in accordance with regulations that Norway is obligated to comply with through international agreements, are considered approved in accordance with the regulations.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

Reference is made to the NS-ISO 11064 standard as regards human errors.
As regards marking requirements as mentioned in the second subsection, reference is made to Section 11 of the Regulations relating to handling of hazardous substances (in Norwegian only), with the following addition: main components of the facilities should be marked with function, and pipe installations should be marked with relevant content and direction of flow.
In cavern installations where the ground water level ensures a barrier against leakage of stored substances, the ground water level above the cavern should correspond to the substance's vapour pressure at the storage temperature plus a 20-metre water column as security against structural defects in the rock.
For design of quays, reference is made to relevant provisions in regulations pursuant to the Working Environment Act, laid down 6 December 2011. In addition, reference is made to the lawmirror (in Norwegian only) of the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, in which the requirement of the regulations that are being repealed upon entering into force of the new regulations in pursuance of the Working Environment Act, are included.