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§ 5 Choice of development concept

When choosing a development concept, the following shall be considered:
  1. major accident risk,
  2. type of operation,
  3. geographical location,
  4. location conditions,
  5. regularity requirements,
  6. lifetime,
  7. possible later removal, and
  8. need to develop new technology.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

When choosing a development concept, the following should be considered:
litera a:important contributors to risk, cf. Sections 4 and 17 of the Management Regulations,
litera b:organisation, manning, maintenance, transport solutions, working environment, manned underwater operations, if applicable,
litera c:infrastructure, neighbour relations, agriculture, aquaculture and shipping lanes,
litera d:topography conditions, ground conditions, weather conditions, harbour conditions, vegetation, ground water level,
litera e:delivery commitments and finances,
litera f:flexibility and expected changed operating conditions, as well as future use,
litera g:removal and reuse.
The need for qualification of new technology, cf. Section 9, should also be considered.