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§ 16 Pipeline systems

The pipeline systems shall be designed so that internal maintenance and inspection can be carried out.
Locks for sending and receiving cleaning and inspection tools shall be designed so that they cannot be opened under pressure.
On pipeline systems where failure modes may pose an environmental or safety risk, inspections shall be performed to follow up any failure modes that may affect the integrity of the pipeline system. The maintenance programme shall define the initial inspection, and the time shall be based on the risk assessments carried out.
Section last changed: 25 February 2020

For pipeline systems, ISO 13623 with the ISO 27913 supplement and DNVGL-ST-F101 with the DNVGL-RP-F104 supplement should be used.
The pressure in the locks should be readable both before start-up and during operation.
By failure modes as mentioned in the third subsection, is meant both external and internal failure modes.