“Occupational injury” means personal injury, illness or fatality resulting from an accident at work.

An illness can also be accepted as occupational if it has been caused by harmful effects in the working environment and is one of the conditions listed in the Norwegian regulations on occupational illnesses.


NAV 13-06.05 Report of occupational injury or illness incurred in connection with offshore petroleum operations (our form for offshore operations – in Norwegian only)

Land-based plants

NAV 13-07.05 Report of occupational injury or illness incurred during work on Norwegian or foreign land territory (Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority’s form for land-based operations –in Norwegian only)

Personal injury statistics

We compile annual statistics embracing all personal injuries reported to us. Criteria for this reporting include death, serious personal injury, disability resulting in absence or medical treatment.

Injuries requiring first aid or incurred during free time are not included in the figures or tables.

When publishing occupational injury statistics, hours worked are used for normalisation. This means in practice that our figures on occupational injuries are presented as the number of injuries per million hours worked.

Only serious personal injuries are included in the indicators in the RNNP reports on trends in risk level in the petroleum industry (RNNP).

Serious personal injuries are defined in the guidelines to section 31 of the management regulations.