We have established various databases for registering and systematising information about incidents related to the Norwegian petroleum industry. These include the DSYS database for manned underwater operations.

NORSOK U-100 forms and Activity reports are to be sent to us by e-mail at postboks@ptil.no.

Notification/reporting and supplementary reporting of hazards and accidents (near-misses/accidents/occupational injuries/illness)

The report form in Norsok U-100, Annex A must be used for all reporting of near-misses/accidents/occupational injuries/illness in addition to the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway’s notification and reporting form.

Reporting personal injuries and illness related to diving must use the report form on occupational injury and illness (see section 31 and section 32 of the management regulations).

Activity report

Pursuant to section 35 and section 33 of the management regulations,  the operator must send an activity report to the PSA no later than 14 days after the end of each half-year.

An activity report form must be filled out for each diving facility and diving contractor which has participated in the manned underwater operation. Operators who have obtained a consent must submit an activity report even if no operations have been conducted in the period covered by the consent.

Guidelines and activity report for diving operations on the NCS (Word.docx)