The operator must therefore ensure that damage and incidents that affect the integrity of pipeline systems, subsea facilities or load-bearing structures, and which have an impact on the functioning of the systems, are notified or reported as before in accordance with the Management Regulations, Section 29, irrespective of whether they are acute situations or are discovered through inspection activities.

Damage or degradation that is discovered and that requires further assessments, analyses or rectifications shall be reported in accordance with Section 29, fourth paragraph. Examples of such damage or degradation may be:

  • Damage or degradation that means that pipeline systems or subsea facilities cannot fulfil or maintain their intended function in the short or long term
  • deformed or missing structural element
  • indentation in structural element
  • hull damage
  • spalling of concrete with reinforcement visible
  • crack in structural element where assessment is required
  • corroded or defective surface protection on load-bearing structure that cannot be rectified through normal maintenance.

The Management Regulations will be updated in accordance with the above on 1 January 2024.