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Top Executive Conference 2021

The Top Executive Conference is an annual meeting place for leaders and decision-makers in the Norwegian petroleum industry.

  • Date:

  • Registration and coffee
  • On the PSA’s main issue for 2022

    Anne Myhrvold, director general, PSA

  • On Equinor’s responsibility and ambitions

    Anders Opedal, CEO, Equinor

  • On the government’s requirements for the industry

    Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (TBA)

External factors

  • On which companies will succeed

    Espen Kvilekval, global head of oil and gas, DNB

  • On the energy mix, climate and social responsibility

    Nina Jensen, CEO, REV Ocean

  • On the resource picture and the future for the Norwegian continental shelf

    Ingrid Sølvberg, director general, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

  • On the energy mix from a government perspective

    Elin Witsø, principal engineer, PSA

Major accidents

  • On safety at onshore plants

    Irene Rummelhoff, executive vice president, Equinor

  • On the responsibility of suppliers to reduce risk

    Kjetel Digre, CEO, Aker Solutions


  • On Petoro’s responsibility and ambitions

    Kristin Kragseth, CEO, Petoro

  • On drilling and well control

    Monica Ovesen, discipline leader, PSA


Working environment

  • On the psychosocial consequences of crises

    Heidi Wittrup Djup, specialist psychologist and general manager, Clinic for Crisis Psychology

  • On labour relations after the pandemic

    Julie Lødrup, first confederal secretary, Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO)

  • On the future for employees in the rig sector

    Simen Lieungh, CEO, Odfjell Drilling

  • On challenges for the working environment

    Roar Høydal, discipline leader, PSA

  • On the PSA’s expectations for the industry

    Anne Myhrvold, director general, PSA


Margrethe Hervik

Senior consultant