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Key professional reports related to aging and producing life extension can be found here.

A dedicated cross-disciplinary group at the PSA has worked since 2006 to coordinate activities related to aging and producing life extension.

This work has involved identifying and mapping those aspects of aging which reduce safety for an installation. Particular attention has been paid to main safety functions and major accident risk.


Structural Integrity Barrier Management Capability Maturity Model

Ageing and life extension for offshore facilities in general and
for specific systems

Kartlegging av konsekvensene for vedlikeholdsstyring av aldring og levetidsforlengelse (in Norwegian only)

Ageing of Offshore Concrete Structures
Vedlikehold for aldrende innretninger - en utredning (in Norwegian only)

Requirements for Life Extension of Ageing Offshore Production Installations
Materials Testing of Decommissioned Offshore Structures
Report on work on ageing structures
Revised Structural Integrity Management Capability Maturity Model incorporating sub-processes for life extension

Safety and Inspection Planning of Older Installations
Recommendations for design life extension regulations
Aging Management and Life Extension in the US Nuclear Power Industry 
Condition Monitoring of Passive Systems, Structures, and Components
Performance Monitoring of Systems and Active Components
Material risk - ageing offshore installations

2005 og tidligere:

Thesis on extending the life of existing offshore structures (2005)
Joining methods - technological summaries(2005)
Ageing rigs - Review of major accidents Causes and barriers (2003)