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Public case registers

Our case documents are public as long as no exceptions are made in the statutes, or pursuant to statutes. Anyone can demand access to the public content of our case documents in a particular case.

This is governed by the (Norwegian) Freedom of Information Act and the (Norwegian) Public Administration Act.

How to apply?
Please send requests in writing to: postboks@ptil.no.

Applications for access to documents must contain the name, address, telephone and fax number of the person making the request, as well as a description of the document.

Please state the case and document number from a public case register or other source, if known.

According to Section 2 of the Freedom of Information Act, exceptions from public access shall be based on or pursuant to statutes. Sections 4 to 6 of the Freedom of Information Act provide some central authorizations for exceptions.

Information that is subject to confidentiality shall be exempt from public disclosure. Other information or documents can be excepted in certain instances.