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Our organisation

Our organisation largely reflects the different safety-related challenges faced by the companies.

Professional competence
Our professional competence is divided into six disciplines:

  • Drilling and well technology
  • Process integrity
  • Structural integrity
  • Logistics and emergency preparedness
  • Occupational health and safety
  • HSE management

Each area is headed by a discipline leader who is responsible for quality, personnel, expertise development and resource management.

More about our diciplines

Supervision is organised in six main groups.

Each of these has a heads of supervision with product responsibility and formal power of decisions.

The players also have their own contacts.

Legal and regulatory affairs
Our lawyers firstly contribute to safeguarding the legal quality of regulations, orders and other products where the formal basis must be clear and unambiguous. This is important, for instance to ensure equal treatment of the players in the industry.

Communication and public affairs
The discipline environment is responsible for media relations, operating our website and preparing printed publications, among other things. The department also answers general questions from the audience.

Internal support and development
The department is responsible for internal operations and organisational development and consists of important support functions within finances, HR, archive function and ICT, in addition to a designated technical library for employees. ..