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Our disciplines

Our professional competence is divided into six disciplines.

Working environment
This discipline embraces physical, chemical and organisational factors which bear on the working environment, such as

  • noise and vibration
  • radiation
  • chemical health risk
  • ergonomics

Others include employee codetermination, working-time arrangements and organisational, operational and human factors from a major accident perspective.

Drilling and well technology
The area covers the development and management of organisation, and expertise and capacity related to drilling and welloperations.

Specifically, activities in the discipline are directed at drilling and well equipment on fixed installations and mobile units, and at the actual wells on the NCS. They cover the operational life of a well from the start of project planning until it has been finally plugged and abandoned. 

HSE management
Concerns management and handling of HSE in the petroleum sector, with attention concentrated on major accident risk.

Activities are directed at management and safety economics, maintenance management and acute discharges

A common denominator for these aspects is that other of our disciplines work with or contribute to them, but HSE management coordinates these efforts with regard to company managements.

Structural integrity
Deals with supporting structures and pipelines and subsea technology
It incorporates such aspects as

  • ageing
  • seabed subsidence
  • mooring
  • flexible risers
  • internal and external loads on pipelines and risers
  • collision risk
  • natural forces

Logistics and emergency preparedness
Covers all systems, equipment, components and work processes – technical, operational and/or organisational conditions – which falls within its scope.

The latter includes mechanical handling, diver-assisted subsea operations and emergency preparedness – including contingency planning for deliberate assaults as well as  cyber security.

Also involved are logistics and transport of personnel and freight, including helicopters and vessels, emergency response organisations, and safety and preparedness training.

This discipline also has a particular responsibility for investigations and for the operation of our emergency response centre.

Process integrity
Covers such subjects as hydrocarbon processing with the aid of equipment like piping, pressure vessels, valves and rotating machinery.

Expertise includes fire and explosions, process control systems and safety systems (emergency shutdown, fire and gas detection, process security and cyber security.

Knowledge of fire fighting, electrical installations, barrier management and risk management are also key capabilities of this discipline.