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PSA issues notification of order following fatal accident at Nyhamna

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway's (the PSA's) investigation report following the fatal accident that occurred at the Ormen Lange land facility at Nyhamna on 28 June 2005 establishes a number of breaches of the regulations on the part of the contractor Skanska Norge. The key factor linked to the incident is that the risk was not thoroughly assessed. Based on this and other nonconformities, we have issued a notification of order to both Skanska the equipment supplier, Roulunds Codan Norge.

In addition, we recommend that Hydro, as operator of the development, evaluate the effect of the measures the company has implemented at Nyhamna to comply with the supervisory obligation, and to consider whether improvements can be made in this respect.

A person from Skanska Norge was involved in a serious work-related accident in connection with injection of cement in the caverns/rock storage facilities at the Ormen Lange land facility at Nyhamna.

The direct cause of the accident was that a packer with rods suddenly flew up and out of the hole with considerable force. The top of the injection rod, valve and tightening handle struck the person in the neck region, inflicting serious injury. The nature of the injury was so severe that the person died later the same evening.

Significant underlying causes of the incident are a lack of systematic, sufficiently thorough risk assessments on the part of Skanska, as well as the fact that the company's internal control did not discover these deficiencies.

The PSA's investigation has uncovered a total of 13 nonconformities in relation to the regulations, of which three nonconformities relate to defects associated with the packer being used at Nyhamna when the accident occurred. The nonconformities can be summarized as follows:

  • Defects in the risk assessment for the task
  • Insufficient systematic implementation of Safe Job Analysis (SJA)
  • Insufficient involvement of personnel when implementing SJA
  • Deficient job preparation requirements
  • Lack of compliance with own procedures
  • Defects in the risk assessment were not discovered
  • Insufficient information to employees from employer
  • Deficient reporting of incidents
  • Defects associated with packer
  • No information about the product from the supplier
  • Lack of securing measures
  • Deficiencies associated with the order
  • Deficient means of communication in tunnel

The background for these nonconformities is described in more detail in the investigation report.

Notification of order to Skanska Norge
Based on our investigation report, we have issued the following notification of order to Skanska:

- ensure that employees have sufficient knowledge and are familiar with the site equipment being used, and see to it that necessary work procedures are thoroughly incorporated to ensure the safety of the employees, and
- establish necessary control mechanisms to ensure that own procedures and work routines are established and observed.

Moreover, we request that a binding plan with timeframe for safeguarding these items, including an overview of the resources that will be used in this work, be presented to the PSA within 45 days after the order is sent.

Notification of order to Roulunds Codan Norge
Based on nonconformities associated with the packer, we have issued the following notification of order to Roulunds Codan Norge AS (RCN):- prepare necessary technical information, safety rules and restrictions for use for its products which are supplied for use at petroleum facilities on land where the PSA is the supervisory authority. This is to ensure the safety of the users.

We have asked that any comments in relation to the notifications of order be submitted to the PSA by 15 January 2006.

Contact in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway:
Inger Anda,
Press spokesperson
Telephone: +47 970 54 064