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World-class safety - a Norwegian petroleum reality?

The Safety Forum's annual conference will be held for the fifth straight year, this time under the title "World-class safety - a Norwegian petroleum reality?".

Over the past year, the Safety Forum has held extensive discussions of the challenges raised by Storting White Paper No. 12 on HSE in the petroleum activities. On this basis, the parties have determined which areas should be at the top of the Safety Forum's strategic agenda in the years to come. The major accident perspective and working environment challenges are key areas here.

At this year's conference we will address the bigger picture with the Norwegian shelf as a world region, and we will examine the exacting demands of everyday life and work on the Shelf, with particular focus on the major accident perspective and on mechanisms that affect individual health and safety.

The Storting (Norwegian Parliament) and the Government expect world-class HSE standards from the oil and gas industry while at the same time the struggle for resources - both human and material - is greater than ever.

How can we meet the requirements for continuity, a long-term perspective, sustainability and precautionary principles in an industry undergoing continuous change and adjustment? And how do we know that we are world leaders in HSE, and whether or not we have tenable data and methods for comparing ourselves with others? What do the people who have taken their competence and technology out into the world have to say about that? How do we utilize the creativity and actual expertise of those who work in this industry, and how do we safeguard and continue to build on this in research and development of new technology?

We want to shed light on these and many other important questions and dilemmas through the expertise of experienced speakers such as oil analyst and journalist Hans Henrik Ramm, PSA director Magne Ognedal, founder and former owner of Hitec John Gjedebo, director of the IRIS research foundation Anna Aabø and a number of other central players among the parties in the industry, including members of the Safety Forum.

Members of the Safety Forum, with representatives of the central employer and employee associations, will be present and will participate in the debates. With the industry's HSE challenges on the agenda, we also expect a high level of participation this year on the part of managers and experts who are directly or indirectly involved in the petroleum activities both offshore and at the land facilities.

The conference will be conducted in Norwegian.

Contact person in the Petroleum Safety Authority:
Angela Ebbesen,
E-mail: angela.ebbesen@ptil.no