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The PSA follows up implementation of measures in Tordis case

In May this year oil was detected on the sea near the Tordis field in the North Sea. The cause was leakage of oily water from the seabed. The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA), together with the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD), has conducted a follow-up of StatoilHydro’s own investigation into the incident.

The PSA has not identified any matters beyond those described in the investigation report, which makes recommendations for measures to rectify identified faults and impairments, and prevent similar incidents from occurring again. The PSA has now asked StatoilHydro to confirm that the measures will be implemented, followed up and have the desired effect. On the basis of the matters raised in the investigation report and the proposed measures, we have asked the company to confirm the following:

  • the measures that will be implemented

  • how the measures will be followed up

  • schedule for implementation of the measures

To ensure a sound safeguarding of both safety and resource conditions, the NPD and the PSA have cooperated on follow-up of the investigation. The NPD has contributed to our processing of the matter with competence within their field of responsibility regarding geology and technical reservoir conditions, while the PSA has employed its competence in relation to well integrity and subsea technology.

Serious matters
StatoilHydro has investigated the Tordis case at the corporate level. The report identifies several serious matters related to planning and implementation of the injection well on Tordis. This comprises essential areas such as deficient requirements in governing documentation, HSE management, project management, risk assessments and risk comprehension. Similar matters have also be identified in connection with previous incidents in StatoilHydro.

Follows up
StatoilHydro has proposed a number of measure to ensure that the identified impairments and faults are rectified. In order to follow up StatoilHydro’s safeguarding of its responsibilities as the operator and licensee, the PSA will ensure that the necessary measures are implemented, followed up and have the desired effect through meetings and audits.

It is also of great significance that the experience from Tordis is communicated both internally in StatoilHydro and in the industry in general to ensure that storage in geological formations takes place in a  safe and acceptable manner.

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