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The NPD's responsibility for working environment

The NPD is responsible for following up the working environment in the petroleum activities offshore in the same manner as the Directorate of Labor Inspection does for land-based activities.

The main challenges on the shelf are:

· to reduce the risk of employees being injured by / exposed to (traditional) working environment factors such as noise, chemicals, heavy and monotonous physical labor, as well as difficult organizational (or psychosocial) factors

· to reduce the risk of poor work planning resulting in incorrect actions that could lead to serious accidents,

· organization of employee participation, organization of the safety delegate service and proper working hours schemes.

· to contribute to ensure that change processes take place in a manner and on the basis of objectives that promote good HES results.

Follow-up takes place through professional development projects, consultancy, supervision, as well as registration and follow-up of injuries and work-related disease. The NPD sees a particular challenge in following up the working environment for the two-thirds of workers who are employed by contractors.