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PSA demobilises and launches investigation

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway demobilised its emergency response centre after the incident on Floatel Superior at 14.00 on 7 November, and will now initiate an investigation.

Occurring on the Njord field in the Norwegian Sea, damage to the flotel prompted operator Statoil to evacuate a total of 336 people.

The PSA stood down its response team after concluding that the position in the area had been clarified.

It was notified at 04.15 in the morning that an anchor had punctured one of Floatel Superior’s ballast tanks, causing the mobile unit to develop a list of three-four degrees.

The position continued to develop during the morning hours, when strong winds and high waves created initial problems for an evacuation.

A total of 38 people currently remain on the flotel, and are regarded by the operator as necessary personnel for taking the unit to land.

The PSA’s role in an emergency is to supervise the operator’s management of the incident.

Investigation launched
The PSA resolved early on 7 November to investigate the incident, and its investigation team began work immediately after the emergency response centre had been demobilised.

It is too early to say at the moment when a report from this inquiry will be published.

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