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Order following audit of Statoil and ESS Offshore - working environment and cleaning in connection with catering on Statfjord C

During the period June-August 2006, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) and the Norwegian Board of Health (Htil) conducted an audit of Statoil and ESS Offshore's (ESS') catering service for Statoil, with verification on Statfjord C (SFC). The audit targeted how ESS manages working environment and general cleaning. Orders have now been issued to both companies as previously notified.

The audit was particularly aimed at facilitation of work and return-to-work strategies*, participation in change processes, training and cleaning procedures, hygiene and protection against contagion.

*Return-to-work strategies include measures implemented by the company to encourage employees to return to work following sick leave.

This audit also targeted the interface between Statoil and ESS Offshore, as well as Statoil's supervisor responsibility. The audit was conducted by means of meetings and interviews in Stavanger and on SFC, as well as inspections in the work areas used by catering personnel.

We identified the following nonconformities in the audit:

  • Deficient management of working environment
  • Deficient management of cleaning and hygiene
  • Deficient safeguarding of prudent hygienic standards
  • Insufficient evaluation of workload
  • Insufficient mapping of physical working environment
  • Deficient training
  • Deficient follow-up on the part of the operator

Link: Audit report and notification of order

The orders were issued to Statoil and ESS on 20 December 2006.

Contact in the PSA:
Ole-Johan Faret, press contact
E-mail: ole-johan.faret@ptil.no
Telephone: +47 41 68 35 46