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Need for more exchange of experience about flexible risers

Openness and exchange of experience between the players is important in order to improve knowledge about flexibles. The industry clearly has a potential for improvement in this area.

This was one of the PSA's main messages during the industry seminar on flexible risers and pipelines on Wednesday, 12 December.

Not satisfactory
The development in condition monitoring methodology has not been satisfactory.

Flexible pipelines and risers are complicated and complex products with many potential failure modes. The petroleum industry must have the objective of developing better inspection tools to monitor the condition of flexibles.

Qualification of new materials and new types of pipelines requires a great deal of patience and caution to ensure robust solutions. Strong delivery pressure in the sector can increase the risk of errors, and requires extra attention in the fabrication phase.

Flexible pipelines and risers are safety-critical components on several oil and gas facilities. A number of new pipelines and risers have been installed in recent years. The seminar emphasized exchanging experience to improve general knowledge about failure modes, failure mechanisms, development of inspection methodology and systemizing and use of inspection data.

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