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International meeting on R&D commitments to health, safety and the environment

The International Committee on Regulatory Research and Development (ICRARD) has held its annual meeting. Minutes of the meeting and presentations of the member countries’ R&D activities in the field of health, safety and the environment in the petroleum industry can be downloaded from ICRARD’s website.

In addition to the member countries’ presentations of current research and development projects during the annual meeting, three topics were accorded special attention: Aging facilities, free-fall lifeboats and emergency preparedness.

ICRARD was established in 1994 as an arena for sharing information and experience in the area of HSE research in the petroleum industry. The initiative was taken by the authorities in the USA, Canada, the UK and Norway. In the years since, the authorities of several countries have joined the collaborative forum.

I 2004 the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway, on behalf of the ICRARD authority forum, developed the website www.icrard.org. The website contains a global overview of relevant research and development projects. In addition, a unique search engine is available that only searches for information relevant to HSE on selected websites.