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International collaboration on research in the field of Health, Safety and the Environment

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway has reached an agreement with the safety authorities in a number of countries to establish a closer cooperation on Research and Development Projects in areas that may contribute to improving the levels of health, safety and the environment in the petroleum industry.

The agreement was announced during the annual conference of ICRARD (International Committee on Regulatory Research and Development), which took place in London earlier this year.

ICRARD is an arena for exchange of information and experience transfer on HSE-related research in the petroleum industry. The Committee was established in 1994 following an initiative from the governments of the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Norway, with offshore safety authorities from several other countries joining the forum over the years.

Common challenges in HSE
During this year's meeting, several representatives from the member countries pointed out a series of common HSE challenges where R&D activities are either underway or planned.

Among the issues mentioned were areas such as the ageing of pipes and installations, hazards related to fires and explosions, well control, helicopter safety, integrated operations and challenges related to disposal of facilities on the shelves.

The British Authorities (HSE) will be responsible for coordinating the work of establishing various collaboration groups. The other ICRARD members will assist in the work of involving relavant expertise from their respective countries.

The ICRARD's homepageUnique search engine
The ICRARD webpage www.icrard.org was launched in 2005 and provides a global overview of research and development projects in the field of health, safety and the environment (HSE) in the petroleum industry. In addition, a search engine has been introduced, that will conduct searches for relevant HSE information on selected web pages.

This web site, which has been established by the PSA on behalf of the forum, will play a key role in communicating information on new collaboration activities within R&D.

www.icrard.org has in approx. 500 unique users each month, and some research reports have been downloaded hundreds of times. This indicates that the intention behind the webpage, which was to function as a hub for information transfer across national boundaries, has been fulfilled.

Contact Person in the PSA and member of ICRARD:
Øyvind Tuntland,
Director for Professional Competence
Email: oivind.tuntland@ptil.no