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Consent to use Port Rigmar on Ekofisk

ConocoPhillips Skandinavia AS (CoPSAS) has secured consent for continued use of the mobile living quarters facility Port Rigmar on the Ekofisk field.

CoPSAS has used the Port Rigmar as a living quarters for quite some time.

Port Rigmar på Ekofisk (Kilde: COPSAS)Previous consents issued for use of the Port Rigmar on Ekofisk:

- December 2003

The facility is located on the west side of the 2/4-Q facility, with a gangway connection (pictured). In connection with the planned modifications and upgrades on Ekofisk, CoPSAS continues to have a need for the Port Rigmar as a living quarters unit, until the permanent living quarters unit 2/4-L is ready for use in 2009.

The consent is conditional upon the acquisition of an Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) for the Port Rigmar by 31 December 2007, in accordance with the transitional arrangement for extension of the AoC scheme (link).

Contact person i the Petroleum Safety Authority
Mike Theiss