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Consent to use Mærsk Inspirer on the Volve field

Statoil ASA has secured consent to use the Mærsk Inspirer for production drilling on Volve during the period up to production start-up on the field.

About Volve
In April 2005, the Plan for development and operation (PDO) for Volve was approved by the Prince Regent in Council.

The Volve oil field is situated about 200 km west of Stavanger. There are several gas and condensate fields in the area surrounding Volve. None of these fields have infrastructures that are suitable for phasing in Volve. Therefore, Volve is planned as a stand-alone development.


Volve (illustrasjon: Statoil)

Volve (with Sleipner in background)

The development concept includes use of a jack-up drilling and production facility (Mærsk Inspirer) and a storage facility (Navion Saga) for storage of stabilized oil.

The consent
Our consent relates to use of the Mærsk Inspirer to carry out production drilling on the field prior to production start-up. According to the plan, production will commence in May 2007. Statoil will then require a new consent for use of the Mærsk Inspirer for drilling and production, as well as use of the Navion Saga for storage.

The Mærsk Inspirer currently has an (AoC) as a mobile drilling facility. An application for AoC for the Mærsk Inspirer as a drilling and production facility is currently being processed in the PSA.

Contact person i the Petroleum Safety Authority
Mike Theiss