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Consent to start up and use gas power plant at Kårstø

Naturkraft AS has received consent to start up and use the gas power plant at Kårstø.

Gasskraftverk Kårstø (kilde: Naturkraft AS)Start-up of the gas power plant (pictured) is defined as commencing use of the fuel gas line from the Kårstø gas production plant, starting to add the fuel gas to the gas power plant and production start in October 2007.

The consent is granted on the basis of the preconditions and assessments stated in the documentation submitted by Naturkraft AS in connection with the application for consent, as well as a confirmation from the company that all necessary preparations and measures for prudent start-up of the auxiliary boiler and flare system have been completed.

Contact person in the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway:
Mike Theiss