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Consent to conduct retrofit on Troll A and Kollsnes

Statoil has been granted consent to conduct retrofits on Troll A and Kollsnes for installation of the Troll A 3 and 4 precompression project (TPC 34).

The purpose of TPC 34 on Troll A is to maintain the maximum daily production of 120 Sm3 gas, an annual maximum production of 30 billion Sm3, and facilitate future gas production from the Troll Vest reservoir.

Furthermore, it is a major business consideration for the project to facilitate as high a production rate as possible from the Troll Øst gas reservoir within the platform’s life, which will end in 2063.


Troll A


The following activities are scheduled for completion: 

  • Installation of a new compressor module, two compressors powered by electric motors and associated equipment.
  • Associated electric driver system with onshore power. A new rectifier station is under construction on Kollsnes with new DC cables from Kollsnes to Troll A. Rectifier equipment will be installed in a new module on Troll A and the compressor motors will be connected electrically to these systems.
  • A new electrical/instrument/telecommunication module will be built.
  • The existing D11 module, as well as some other systems that are no longer needed will be removed to make room for the new modules.
  • The two existing cranes will be replaced by new ones. Adjacent offshore modification work as well as tie-in and completion activities will take place after lift-in of the modules.
  • Hook-up on Kollsnes and installation of a new AC cable.
  • Upgrade of the existing gas manifold due to acoustic vibration problems

Implementation of the TPC 34 project on Troll A will generally take place with the platform in normal operation. This will entail a high degree of simultaneous operations, i.e. construction, testing and operation.

Scheduled for completion by 1 October 2015.