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Consent to conduct manned underwater operations - Langeled

Gassco AS has received consent to conduct manned underwater operations in connection with Langeled Phase 3.

Langeled gasstransportsystemAbout Langeled
The Langeled gas transport system is to transport gas from sources such as the land facility for Ormen Lange at Nyhamna, via a hub on the riser facility at Sleipner to a new receiving terminal at Easington on the east coast of England, see map. The pipeline is the longest in the world (approx. 1200 km).

Phases 1 and 2
During Phase 1 (2005), the riser and pipe coils to the planned valve skid on Sleipner were installed.

During Phase 2 (2006), a valve skid was installed at the ends of the pipe coils, and this was connected to the pipe coils and to the southbound pipeline. A centerline weld was also made on the southbound pipeline.

Operator responsibility
Gassco AS assumed the operator's responsibility for the entire Langeled pipeline system in September 2006, including Phase 3 which is not yet completed. Statoil ASA (Statoil) is responsible for executing the commissioning (TSP = Technical Service Provider).

On behalf of Gassco, Statoil ASA has applied for consent to conduct manned underwater operations to complete Langeled Phase 3.

Scope of work
The work will consist of tying in the northbound pipeline to the valve skid at Sleipner (water depth 84 meters) in addition to two centerline welds on this pipeline (water depth 150 and 121 meters).

Acergy Osprey (kilde: Acergy Offshore AS)

The supplier for this assignment is AS7-JV. The diving vessel is Acergy Osprey (pictured), owned by Acergy Offshore AS. The assignment is expected to last about 52 days.

Contact person i the Petroleum Safety Authority
Mike Theiss