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Consent to conduct exploration drilling with Transocean Winner - well 35/2-2

Consent: StatoilHydro has received consent to conduct exploration drilling of well 35/2-2 with the mobile facility Transocean Winner.

Well 35/2-2 belongs to production licence 318 and 269. The well is located in the northern part of the North Sea, north-east of Snorre (see map).

Location of well 35/2-2

The well has the following geographical coordinates:

N 61° 52' 36.2",  E 03° 24' 51.0". Water depth at the location is  372 meters.

Transocean Winner is a GVA-4000 type drilling facility, built in 1983 by Gøtaverken Arendal in Sweden. Since then it has undergone modifications and upgrades.

The facility is classed by DnV and operated by Transocean Offshore (North Sea) Ltd. The facility received an Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) on 4 August 2006.

Drilling will, according to the consent application, commence at the beginning of May 2009. The operation is estimated to last 73 days.