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Consent for the use of Aker Spitsbergen for operations at Heidrun, Norne and Åsgard

StatoilHydro has been granted consent to use the mobile drilling facility Aker Spitsbergen at the Heidrun, Norne and Åsgard fields in the Norwegian Sea.

The consent applies to production drilling, completion, well interventions, well clean-up and well testing.

The start-up is scheduled for the beginning of October. The consent is valid until the end of August 2014.

The consent does not apply to exploration drilling, cf. Section 5 b) of the Information Duty Regulations.

Aker Spitsbergen
Aker Spitsbergen

Aker Spitsbergen is operated by Aker Drilling Operations AS, and is contracted to StatoilHydro for a period of five years.

The mobile drilling facility was on 10 July 2009 granted an Acknowledgement of Compliance by the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA).